Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Selecta Wooden Toys

Another great brand of wooden toys is the German Selecta.

Selecta Spielzeug AG (full name of the manufacturer) was established in 1968. The name of the brand, “Selecta”, translates as “the chosen” from Latin. Selecta’s head office is located in Edling, in Bavaria. The brand’s focus is on education, safety and fun.

Selecta toys use natural wood of maple and pine trees in the Bavarian Forest. Water soluble varnishes and beeswax finish are applied to the toy surfaces, to give them a smooth touch. These toys are frequently on the award winning lists and are universally known for their quality.

Their categories include Grasping Toys, Cars & Pull-along Toys, Push-along Toys, Dolls &Dolls Houses, and various Educational games.

Here are just some examples:

No wonder these toys are award winning.

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Zarebski said...

How sweet collection of wooden toys... I recently got new stuff for my kids form Toys R Us...